Richard Urbanski

Richard Urbanski’s background is film and sound editing and web-online production. He collaborates with other artists on sound installation and web presentation works. Recent work includes a sound Installation for Cowgirl Parlour and facilitation/participatory audio-visual work including arts & health projects. He is drawn towards audio-visual artforms with a focus on climate and ecological narratives, past and present. He is particularly interested in exploring storytelling and the relationships between land, food and social networks. For Urbanski, Curious Travellers is an opportunity to experiment and a license to play without fear of getting things wrong occasionally.


Richard Urbanski – Like Nightingales (2016), sound installation

'Like Nightingales' (2016), sound installation

‘Like Nightingales’ (2016), sound installation

Richard Urbanski - Oriel Brondanw

Richard Urbanski – Oriel Brondanw