In Pennant’s footsteps…

As part of the Curious Travellers research project, we’re encouraging members of the public (as well as researchers) to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Pennant on his tours through 18th century Scotland, Wales, England or Ireland. We’d love to hear your account of your experiences of landscape, people, places, archaeology, natural environment, industrial sites, etc associated with Pennant’s tours – perhaps in the spirit of modern travellers like W.G. Sebald, Rob Mcfarlane, Kathleen Jamie, or Iain Sinclair! We welcome anything from the barest of blogs to more detailed travel accounts, in prose or verse, where possible illustrated with photographs or (even better) your own drawings or sketches.

As a starter, Alex Deans and Nigel Leask have written up their two day’s tour following Pennant in northern Argyll – we hope that will inspire others.

If you would like to contribute to this blog then please get in touch.

Pennant’s itineraries are published at the end of this tours, and we’ll shortly be uploading a map showing his routes in Scotland and Wales. Bon voyage!