An Interactive Map of Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Scotland

The Curious Travellers team is excited to announce the release of our interactive map of Thomas Pennant’s 1769 and 1772 tours of Scotland, developed by Chris Fleet at the National Library of Scotland’s Map Collections. The split-screen viewer displays itineraries constructed by the team from Pennant’s two Scottish tours, alongside a range of geo-referenced historical maps from the National Library’s extensive collections, including Aaron Arrowsmith’s highly detailed 1807 Map of Scotland, and a map specially commissioned by Pennant to accompany his second tour. Around 800 individual markers pinpoint locations visited by Pennant during his two tours (viewable all at once or by volume), with further information on each location accessible by selecting its marker. While the left-hand pane of the viewer shows these points on a modern map, the right-hand pane simultaneously shows the equivalent location on the selected historical map. We hope you enjoy exploring both Pennant’s Scottish tours and the maps themselves, which reveal fascinating insights into the cartographical and geographical cultures of the period, as well as a rich sense of the country that Pennant must have experienced on his way around Scotland in 1769 and 1772. We would also like to offer our warmest thanks and acknowledgments to Chris Fleet and the team at the National Library’s Map Collections, whose hard work and generosity have made this possible.